Engaging Yoga & Meditation Classes for preschool to grade 12 students. Students learn through movement & stillness to focus themselves & control their responses.
Classes are age-specific & cater to all levels of ability & confidence. We meet ACARA criteria. Non denominational & non-competitive. All our teachers are qualified, insured yoga teachers who specialise in teaching children and youth.

May 2016 Timetable

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Proud Sponsors & Ambassadors of Brave Hearts

Years 10 - 12

Senior school students benefit from a lighthearted teaching style and acknowledgement of them as young adults.

The yoga and mindfulness meditation program both directly and indirectly addresses issues such as body image, self esteem, personal responsibility for emotions, and interpersonal relationship issues.


Years 7 - 9

Emotional maturity can vary greatly with this cohort, and we offer a teaching style which is dynamic, engaging, and with an emphasis placed on mutual teacher/student and student/student respect.



Classes for children 4 to school-age – we come to your centre or home, or welcome you to our venue. Class is taught through story telling, incorporating music, colours and games. Loads of fun!


mums, dads and kids family classes

A lively, fun and calming class for children of all ages and their carers. Deepen the bond with your child, make new friends. Available as single classes or a fantastic course of 5 or 10.

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Kristy Evans

“Welcome. My name is Kristy Evans and I am the director of Meditation & Yoga for Kids. I am mum to three beautiful children and as time has progressed and my children have grown, I have encountered many issues – as parents do;
behaviour issues with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), separation/divorce, child bullying.


Our world, as projected through the screens of our children’s devices, glorifies superficiality, and provides a warped and quite soul-less idea of what ‘real life’ is, and what ‘real people’ look like, and how they behave.
We are inspired to help children become grounded and connected with a deeper, more stable sense of self, through breathing, meditation, and yoga.

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