Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation for children of all ages.

About Us

Our world, as projected through the screens of our children’s devices, glorifies superficiality, and provides a warped and quite soul-less image of what ‘real life’ is, what ‘real people’ look like, and how they behave.
We are inspired to help children become grounded and connected with a deeper, more stable sense of self, through breathing, meditation, and yoga.
Our classes offer a gift to children and young people, giving them the tools to find internal balance.
More than ever, our children need tools to allow them to cope, and then thrive, as they navigate:

  • schooling
  • friendships
  • acceptable behaviour in different circumstances
  • adolescence
  • boyfriends/girlfriends
  • family divorce/conflicts
  • integration into society as adults

In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, the ability to self-monitor and deal with stress levels, emotional issues and rapid change is a highly valuable skill, which our children need to develop while they are young. Like reading and writing, the skills we offer are essential and will assist your child for life.
To balance the necessary reliance on devices, children need to learn to breathe, relax and reflect. There is almost an instant change in children and teens who practice yoga and meditation – it is noticeable within weeks.
The children become more balanced, calm, understanding of themselves and others, and have a more balanced view of themselves in relation to the wider world.
Our teachers are fully qualified and experienced to teach your children yoga, meditation and self-healing.
All teachers are insured and are members of Yoga Australia.
All teachers are also holders of a Child Protection card (blue card).

We believe the biggest gift we can offer your child is to learn to self-manage…to stop, breathe and self-reflect.