Dance, Sport & Drama

Dance, Sport & Drama

Specialist Classes and Programs for Dance, Sport and Drama Students.

These students will all benefit from a regular yoga class.

Sporting Teams

Yoga is now a standard part of the elite athlete’s training program, from the Australian cricket team to many rugby teams.

Yoga brings strength, balance and flexibility to the body, and we offer sport-specific classes to this group.

Through contemporary mindfulness meditation techniques, the athlete learns to focus, remain calm while extremely active, develop single-mindedness and develop a deeper relationship with fellow team members through shared experience.

Emotional control is essential for good sportsmanship and gives a team ‘the edge’ when facing aggressive competitors.

Dance and Drama Students

Dance and drama require high levels of energy, stamina, focus and emotional intelligence (EQ).

Classes convey an understanding of personal presence and how to cultivate it, raise fitness levels, and include relationship-building, fun partner activities.