Kristy Evans Gava

Kristy Evans Gava

“Welcome. My name is Kristy Evans and I am the director of Meditation & Yoga for Kids. I am the mother of three children and as time has progressed and my children have grown, I have encountered many issues – as parents do.

  • Behaviour issues with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Child bullying
  • Connection issues with a child
  • Superficiality with my children following trends at school
  • High energy levels but a lack of concentration

kristy3I decided to apply myself to my children with a different approach, limiting the childrens’ access to video games and television, and reconnecting them with nature and the art of Yoga and Meditation.
The outcome has been very positive and rewarding.
These outcomes led me to developing a system that could be applied within schools, so that all families could have a chance to benefit from the experience.

My long term goal is to offer all children the chance to find balance in their lives.
I am a proud ambassador for Brave Hearts Foundation on the Sunshine Coast.
I look forward to helping you restore the balance between parent and child, strengthening personal bonds, and strengthening the childrens’ ability to focus at school and in all areas of their lives.”

Kristy Evans