Parents & Children Bonding Classes

Parents & Children Bonding Classes

Create a harmonious environment for you and your beautiful family.

We offer yoga and meditation classes for children of all ages and their carers.

Group classes, either as a one-off workshop or a series of five or ten, provide a wonderful hands-on education in mindfulness meditation, yoga, simple massage, healthy food and more.

We will come to your centre, playgroup or home, and bring everything we need.

We have an engaging series of classes designed for young mums and dads to help them grow into empowered, strong and compassionate parents.

The program is tailored to include inspirational speakers, cooking for special diets, ADD, how to develop a happy home, and more.

Dollarphotoclub_65098661WSome of the benefits

  • Positive changes in attitude (parents too!)
  • healthier living
  • healthy body, healthy mind
  • focus
  • emotional control and balance
  • improved posture
  • increased self esteem and empowered parents
  • mutual respect
  • calmer parents and kids

For further information please don’t hesitate to call or email Kristy and we will create a program to suit your needs.