“Yoga teaches kids to manage stress & get a handle on anger. Regular yoga workouts can even result in better health & a stronger immune system for your child. If your child has a difficulty such as ADHD, yoga can improve your child’s focus & ability to sit still.” www.yogajournal.com

A regular program of yoga and meditation will enhance the culture of a school.
Young children (and their teachers) love yoga and mindfulness!

  • Enhanced motor skills and proprioception
  • Improved balance
  • Improved self-control in the playground and classroom
  • More compassion through thankfulness practices

All students can achieve success– not just the ‘sporty’ ones!

Prep – Year Two

Classes for prep to grade 2 children. The class is a structured approach to yoga and mindfulness designed to quickly hold the attention of this very active age range! Through games, storytelling and a high energy delivery style the student learns balance, improves motor skills and proprioception. Mindfulness is taught through creative art-based activities, simple guided meditations and a thankfulness practice. Classes are offered in the classroom once a week, as a part of your physical education curriculum. Click here to... read more

Years 3-6

This age group loves active yoga! They tend to have bags of energy & have become accustomed to participating in a group environment. The classes flow through storytelling, some partner work, and age-appropriate games and include lots of balancing and strength building exercises. The passive (mindfulness meditation) part of class is a combination of still and moving meditation, and teaches children how to bring their emotional response into control using their breathing. Thankfulness practice is incorporated in each class. This is offered as a structured term-long program of classes to fit with your timetable. Click here to... read more