“Our results suggest that cultivating mindfulness is an effective and efficient technique for improving cognitive function, with wide-reaching consequences,” researchers Psychological Science study, University of California.

When yoga and meditation are introduced into a school, the culture of the school as a whole is enhanced.

Benefits include

  • Increased physical fitness
  • Happier outlook on life
  • Improved posture
  • Flexibility
  • Greater self-control
  • Self-discipline
  • Calmer classrooms
  • Emotionally responsible young people
  • Healthier bodies and minds lead to healthier choices

Students who are self-conscious when exercising find yoga appealing due to its non-competitive nature. It provides an excellent full body workout; stimulating, balancing and using all systems of the body.

Institutions such as UCLA, Harvard, Oxford, and Monash have developed clinical studies into the positive impacts of mindfulness meditation, discovering that regular meditation reduces stress, improves focus, increases resilience and decreases depression.

Our classes help prepare the adolescent for the wider world of the workplace, university, traineeships and apprenticeships.

Classes can be developed for leadership events, special-needs classes, girls/boys only groups; we love to be flexible and meet the needs of our students!

Years 7 to 9

Mindfulness meditation and yoga for grades 7 to 9. This class is for students making the transition from childhood to adolescence during the early years of high school. Emotional maturity can vary greatly with this cohort, and we offer a teaching style which is dynamic, engaging, and with an emphasis placed on mutual teacher/student and student/student respect. The physical (yoga) part of the class is focused, has a degree of challenge to engage easily distracted students, and includes some partner work when appropriate. Passive aspects of class (mindfulness meditation) are fully guided, non-lengthy, and often involve a moving meditation or age-appropriate mindfulness activity. This allows students to discover how harnessing their own breathing and learning to keep themselves centred can help them to control themselves in the classroom and playground. We offer this class as a series of specialist physical education classes or as a term-long program to suit your timetable. Click here to make an... read more

Years 10 – 12

Mindfulness meditation and yoga for senior students; grades 10 -12. This age group benefits from a lighthearted teaching style and the acknowledgement of students as young adults. The yoga and mindfulness meditation program both directly and indirectly addresses issues such as body image, self esteem, personal responsibility for emotions, and interpersonal relationship issues. The active (yoga) part of class is enhanced with dialogue which encourages the student to embrace and adapt to constant change, to develop confidence and strength, and an awareness of self and others. Passive (mindfulness meditation) techniques are taught for exam success, development of emotional self control, and stress reduction. Classes are offered as a structured term-long program once a week, to suit your timetable. Click here to... read more

Dance, Sport & Drama

Specialist Classes and Programs for Dance, Sport and Drama Students. These students will all benefit from a regular yoga class. Sporting Teams Yoga is now a standard part of the elite athlete’s training program, from the Australian cricket team to many rugby teams. Yoga brings strength, balance and flexibility to the body, and we offer sport-specific classes to this group. Through contemporary mindfulness meditation techniques, the athlete learns to focus, remain calm while extremely active, develop single-mindedness and develop a deeper relationship with fellow team members through shared experience. Emotional control is essential for good sportsmanship and gives a team ‘the edge’ when facing aggressive competitors. Dance and Drama Students Dance and drama require high levels of energy, stamina, focus and emotional intelligence (EQ). Classes convey an understanding of personal presence and how to cultivate it, raise fitness levels, and include relationship-building, fun partner... read more