Years 7 to 9

Years 7 to 9

Mindfulness meditation and yoga for grades 7 to 9.

This class is for students making the transition from childhood to adolescence during the early years of high school.

Emotional maturity can vary greatly with this cohort, and we offer a teaching style which is dynamic, engaging, and with an emphasis placed on mutual teacher/student and student/student respect.

The physical (yoga) part of the class is focused, has a degree of challenge to engage easily distracted students, and includes some partner work when appropriate.

Passive aspects of class (mindfulness meditation) are fully guided, non-lengthy, and often involve a moving meditation or age-appropriate mindfulness activity.

This allows students to discover how harnessing their own breathing and learning to keep themselves centred can help them to control themselves in the classroom and playground.

We offer this class as a series of specialist physical education classes or as a term-long program to suit your timetable.

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